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Not getting IP even though I’m connected to router (access point, ethernet)

  1. Open Windows Command Prompt and type:
    1.1 ipconfig /release
    1.2 ipconfig /renew
  2. Make sure to disable the access point’s DHCP and change it’s IP to differ from the main router.
    (eg. if the main router’s IP is ‘’, you can set the access point’s IP to ‘’).
  3. Reset the access point’s settings and disconnect it from the main router.
    3.1 Connect to the AP using the IP.

Discord freezing when clicking links

  1. Reset and repair Edge
    1.1 Open Apps & Features
    1.2 Find Microsoft Edge
    1.3 Click Microsoft Edge and then click ‘Advanced options’
    1.4 Click both ‘Reset’ and ‘Repair’
  2. Clear Discord cache
    § The name of the Discord folder may change between Discord releases.
    § All your Discord settings will be reset.
    2.1 Go to %appdata%\discord\Cache\
    2.2 Delete everything in the folder

Installing Arch Linux

  1. Don’t
  2. Install PonyOS, Hannah Montana Linux or Biebian

Share folders from Linux/Ubuntu (Source)

  1. The following commands are for use in bash
  2. Install Samba
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install samba
  3. Set a password for your user in Samba
    sudo smbpasswd -a <user_name>
  4. Create a directory to be shared
    mkdir /home/<user_name>/<folder_name>
  5. Make a safe backup copy of the original smb.conf file to your home folder, in case you make an error
    sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf ~
  6. Edit the file ‘/etc/samba/smb.conf’
    sudo vim /etc/samba/smb.conf
    5.1 Once ‘smb.conf’ has loaded, add this to the very end of the file:
    			path = /home/<user_name>/<folder_name>
    			valid users = <user_name>
    			read only = no
  7. Restart Samba:
    sudo service smbd restart
  8. Once Samba has restarted, use this command to check your smb.conf for any syntax errors

Mapping a network drive on windows (Extra)

Example Type
\\server\share shared folder
http://webserver/share Web Share FTP site
  1. Right click on ‘This PC’, click ‘Add a network location’
  2. Click ‘Next’
  3. Select ‘Choose a custom network location’ and click ‘Next’
  4. Type the shared location (eg. \\\Shared) and click ‘Next’
  5. Type a name for this network location
  6. Click ‘Next’, then ‘Finish’
  7. If you are prompted with a login box, type PCNAME\USERNAME

Microphone not working

  1. Click the Windows Button
  2. Click on/select ‘All apps’
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘Settings’
  4. In upper right search box ‘i.e., Find a setting’, type in ‘microphone’
  5. Click on/select ‘Microphone privacy settings’
  6. Turn on ‘Let apps use my microphone’

Can’t login to osu! client


Linux partitioning

Size (MiB) Location (primary, ext4)
512 /boot
4096 /swap
30720 /
the rest /home

Removing the ‘Creative Cloud Files’ folder from space tree (Forum)

  1. You decide yourself if you want to delete the folder, this is not always recommended though.
  2. Open regedit
  3. Press CTRL+F and type ‘Creative Cloud Files’
    2.1 Uncheck all checkboxes except ‘Data’
  4. Click ‘Find Next’
  5. The key ‘System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree’ should appear
  6. Right click on it and click ‘Modify’, set the value to ‘0’
  7. Right click the folder with the key in and click ‘Permissions…’
  8. Select ‘SYSTEM’ and click Deny > ‘Full Control’
  9. Click ‘OK’

Install Firefox Nightly on Linux/Ubuntu (Source)

  1. Add the repository
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa
  2. Update package list
    sudo apt-get update
  3. Install Nightly
    sudo apt-get install firefox-trunk

Run Control Panel items from command (Source)

Control panel tool Command
Accessibility Options control access.cpl
Add New Hardware control sysdm.cpl add new hardware
Add/Remove Programs control appwiz.cpl
Date/Time Properties control timedate.cpl
Display Properties control desk.cpl
FindFast control findfast.cpl
Fonts Folder control fonts
Internet Properties control inetcpl.cpl
Joystick Properties control joy.cpl
Keyboard Properties control main.cpl keyboard
Microsoft Exchange control mlcfg32.cpl
(or Windows Messaging)
Microsoft Mail Post Office control wgpocpl.cpl
Modem Properties control modem.cpl
Mouse Properties control main.cpl
Multimedia Properties control mmsys.cpl
Network Properties control netcpl.cpl
NOTE: In Windows NT 4.0, Network properties is Ncpa.cpl, not Netcpl.cpl
Password Properties control password.cpl
PC Card control main.cpl pc card (PCMCIA)
Power Management (Windows 95) control main.cpl power
Power Management (Windows 98) control powercfg.cpl
Printers Folder control printers
Regional Settings control intl.cpl
Scanners and Cameras control sticpl.cpl
Sound Properties control mmsys.cpl sounds
System Properties control sysdm.cpl

Where do I change my Google activity?

How do I change the default AutoHotkey editor?

  1. Press Windows+R
  2. Search regedit and click Enter
  3. Click Yes on the popup that says Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?
  1. When regedit opens, enter HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AutoHotkeyScript\Shell\Edit\Command in the search bar <sup>(NOT the find box)</sup>
  1. Your file structure should look something like this.
			└── Shell
				└── Edit
					└── Command
  1. Inside the Command folder, you should find a key named (Default)
Name Type Data
(Default) REG_SZ “editor.exe” “%1”
  1. Double click the key
  2. Under Value Data, change the .exe file location to your new editor

Use grep to search through files (bash, zsh etc.)


Weird crackling in headset and microphone (VBCABLE)

  1. Reinstall VBCABLE.